Bruny Island Oysters

Bruny Island Oysters

Get Shucked produces Oysters of outstanding quality, sustainably cultivated in the pristine waters of Great Bay, Bruny Island, Tasmania.

Natural Oysters

Delicious Oysters

Check out our Oyster Recipes for some great ways to enjoy your Oysters.

Get Shucked Oyster Bar

Oyster Bar

Come and dine at our fabulous Oyster Bar.

Get Shucked is a locally owned and operated business offering a unique brand and pure product. Get Shucked thrives on providing customers with the opportunity to enjoy the pleasurable experience derived from eating oysters.

Fuel for love!

Our Oysters

Get shucked cultivates the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, it is native to the pacific coast of Asia.

Get Shucked Oysters

Oyster Bar

Get Shucked now has a fully licensed oyster bar connected to our processing shed. Here you can eat the freshest Bruny oysters from our farm whilst watching over your oysters being harvested, sorted and shucked.

Oyster Bar
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